CT Meyers

To all my fellow seniors at Cibolo Valley Baptist Church

            I am sending this letter out to inform you of my recent appointment as Director of Senior Ministries for our church.  This position was created to ensure that our seniors in the church are being heard.   I have a job description which states simply I will be responsible for letting the pastor know what is going on with his senior members of the church.

My goal is to use the valuable resources we have with our senior members to the fullest extent.  I never want them to feel that they are no longer needed.  With the vast knowledge and wisdom there is within the senior group, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.    I will be meeting will all seniors at various times within the month of January.  If it is at all possible I would like to meet with them in their homes.   My wife Lena and I would like to spend time with each senior and find out what they think can be done to improve our church.  We also would like to know of their needs and expectations.  I will coordinate with the help of others activities to include trips, conferences, lectures, etc which will be of interest to all seniors.  I plan on continuing CLAY day activities, and thank Tex in advance for doing such a wonderful job with it for so many years.  I will also inform seniors of the many needs of the church which can be filled with their help.

Retiring does not mean giving up.  I retired over a year ago at the young age of 62.  But the Lord is not finished with me yet.  I still work with Awana, sing in the Choir, go on visitation, and until recently worked on the Stewardship committee and served as a deacon.  I am also a trustee.  I have been a member of Cibolo Valley Baptist for over 15 years and I believe this is one of the best churches’ in the area.

I originally came from Baltimore Maryland, but got to God’s country as soon as I could.  I was raised in a non-denominational  Christian church.  I accepted the Lord as savior on Easter Sunday, 1961 which was also my 10th birthday.  My mother was the biggest force behind by religious upbringing.  Tried one year of College, and joined the Air Force in 1969.  While in the Air Force for 24 years, I started training at Lackland, here in San Antonio.  My first duty assignment was as a security specialist at Kinchloe AFB, near Sault Ste Marie Michigan.  After my first six months there I was assigned to Clark AB in the Philippines.  There I worked in the Military Working Dog Program for 2 and a half years.    It was there that I met my wife Lena.  It was the second best thing that ever happened to me.  From there I went to Lowry AFB, Denver Colorado where I crossed trained into the Administrative field.  I lived there for five and on half years, ending my stay there working for the Center Commander prior to leaving for Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia.  While there I assigned to the IBM Interservice School for Computer Operations and Programming.  I was only there for a year and then assigned to Randolph AFB, in Universal City TX,  There I worked for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Air Training Command Personnel, and later retrained in the computer field.  I was at Randolph from 1979 to 1993, except for a remote assignment to Iceland where I was the Chief of the Data Processing Center at Keflavik AB.  I finished my career back at Randolph where I worked at a staff level position with the Information System Directorate.  After retirement from the Air Force, I worked for United Parcel Service Company for ten years as Senior Technician.  I left there and worked as a contractor with various companies as a desktop/helpdesk support associate.  I have one son, who is a director of a local Sylvan Learning Center, his wife is a school counselor, and they have two children, Warren who is twelve and Hope who is 8, who live in Converse about two miles from us and his wife’s family.

I don’t mean to bore you all with this information, but I thought it would help with some who may not know about me.  We live at 7723 Red River Bay, in Converse 78109.  Our home phone is 210-658-1755, and my cell is 210-464-5978.  My email address is ctmeyers@sbcglobal.net.  I use face book if you need to get hold of me.  I forgot to mentions my wonderful wife, who is a great mom and grandmother and well as a fantastic cook.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to serving you.

C.T. Meyers

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