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Title Mother’s Day Out Staff
Salary To Be Determined
Location 5500 FM 1103, Schertz, TX 78108
Job Information

This staffing is for a Preschool Director and Teachers.  The positions require 8 hours per week on Monday and Wednesday from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M

Staff Employment Policies:
1. Working hours for preschool employees are to be set by the church Preschool Director.
2. No staff member should report to work when ill. Please contact the Director as soon as
you know you will be absent so a substitute can be called.
3. Do not leave your group unattended. If you are called away, make sure the Director has
designated another person to supervise your group until you return.
4. Telephone calls and personal visitations should be made only in emergencies and should
always be brief as possible.
5. If a child in your group is ill, or injured, bring the child to the office immediately and his/her
parent will be notified.
6. Workers must be Christian with a love and concern for children.
7. Grievances should be taken directly to the Director and not discussed among the workers.
8. When daily attendance does not justify keeping all scheduled workers, the worker with the
least seniority will be the one to leave for the day.

1. Plan and make arrangements for children’s learning experiences.
2. Prepare materials for the next class. Discuss plans, children and scheduling with the
3. Let the Director know when you leave the room and where you are taking the children.
4. All workers are involved in the whole appearance of the school. They must keep materials
picked up and in order in the halls, bathrooms, kitchen, nursery, counters, etc. and
encourage the children to do the same.
5. Workers will wash their hands after each diaper change and before handling food.
6. The worker is here to meet the children’s needs: Keep shoes tied, hands and faces clean,
noses wiped, etc. Supervise children when they go to the restrooms helping those who
need help, and helping them keep the restrooms clean. Supervise as they wash their
hands after using the restroom and before going to eat.
7. Keep all toys in place when not in use.
8. Children will be clean and taken to the restroom before the parent arrives.
9. The last worker to leave the room should turn off the lights and leave the room in order.
10. Notify the Director immediately when an accident occurs. Fill out an accident report on
every child who is hurt.
11. Full fees will be charged for all children attending MDO. The only exception to this rule is
the children of teachers.
12. Classrooms should be appropriately furnished and supplied according to the children’s
age and needs.

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Title Hourly Nursery Worker
Salary $13.00 per hour
Location 5500 FM 1103, Schertz, TX
Job Information

Principle Function: The nursery worker is to supervise the care and well being of nursery age children left in their care. The hourly nursery worker is responsible to the church under the supervision of the Nursery Director.


  1. Must have a personal relationship to Jesus Christ
  2. Character and reputation of a loving Christian caregiver
  3. Previous experience is desired
  4. Must love children
  5. Congenial in temperament
  6. Dependable
  7. Be a good role model for young children
  8. Neat and well groomed
  9. Must be at least 18 years of age.


  1. Be available for these specific times — Sunday School, Morning Worship, Discipleship Training; Evening worship, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Choir Rehearsals & Night Visitation.
  2. Availability to work during other scheduled activities of the church, as need arises (VBS, Revivals, Bible Study Groups, WMU, etc.).
  3. Any problems or questions should be referred to the Nursery Director.
  4. Workers should be in the nursery 15 minutes before time for the activity to begin. If no children are present, the nursery worker is guaranteed one (1) hour of work.
  5. Workers may leave as soon as the last child is picked up and the room is in order.
  6. If unable to work for any reason, worker should notify the Nursery Director as soon as possible.
  7. If additional supplies are needed, notify the Nursery Director.
  8. Will take the certification in neonatal and infant CPR.
  9. Teach age appropriate curriculum at this level.
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